Manufacturing Services
Manufacturing Capability
We possess excellent process technology and stringent quality control to provide top notch manufacturing services for all clients. In our first stage of operations, we will provide 150nm/110nm/90nm/55nm manufacturing services. In the future, we will provide more process services to better serve the needs of our clientele.
  • Yield Enhances Efficiency
    Yield Enhances Efficiency
    Our vast experience is a crucial factor in assisting Nexchip clients to accelerate the products toward the market.
  • Product Delivery Guarantee
    Product Delivery Guarantee
    Fully automated manufacturing and rigorous online monitoring system allows complete monitoring of product input and output to ensure on time delivery.
  • Production Queue Flexibility
    Production Queue Flexibility
    Optimized production management allows for queue flexibility to fulfill rush orders from clients providing the best service to clientele.
  • Excellent Manufacturing Gurantee
    Excellent Manufacturing Gurantee
    We have the latest 12-inch wafer production equipment, and the most accurate measuring and detection equipment, allowing Nexchip to provide excellent manufacturing quality with complete product deviation detection.

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